Words of Hope

Even though you might know that what happened to you was not your fault, as crazy as it seems, you might have to start the forgiving process by first forgiving yourself. It opens up the doors to healing and being able to forgive the one who harmed you. Then tell your story to help others and you gain joy.

— Bill Marsd, Southwestern College

Part of my own reclaiming of personal power was changing the old message of shame to worthiness.

— Brenda Airo-Dyer, Southwestern College

Your value cannot be determined by anyone or any experience you live through. You are loved and never alone.

— Alberto Garcia, National University

I stand with survivors, because what hurts one harms all.

— Meng Zhang, Southwestern College

I am with you, wherever you are.

— Susan C, National University

We need to be able to see a problem before we can fix a problem.

— , National University

I hope this website brings awareness to our community and is a catalyst for healing. We need to be able to see a problem before we can fix a problem.

— , National University

You are not alone. Together we can support and care for one another.

Even when the skies feel dark and the air is full of fog, just know your resilience. You are strong and capable of so much more. Remember you are no longer a victim but a survivor and I stand beside you. As we embrace the traumas of our past we move into becoming something more remarkable and stronger. I understand that not every day will feel the same, but through your strength you will get through them all.

— Kelsey Kennedy, National University

Abuse is NOT welcome in San Diego. And it is NOT welcome on our campuses!

— J.B. Robinson, National University